Dear all,

These handouts will summarize the topics to get a quick review of the topic contents. Some of the handouts are made with exercises in between. Try to complete on time. As usual your comments are always welcome to make any necessary changes. Go ahead.

Physics Revision Guide Vol #01


Base Quantities and Derived Quantities

Electromagnetic Induction

Introduction to Electronics


6 responses

20 10 2010

Physics Revision Guide Vol #01
Just the thing that I needed
thanks 😀

10 09 2012

If I read vol1 I don’t need my physics notes right?

10 09 2012

Aaand pls upload rest of the volumes….. I solely depend on it

10 09 2012

moya nuve bala shaamil………….

7 10 2012

is this a maldivian site??

8 10 2012

Its not a maldivian site.. Its a physics blog where students of Maldives visit often and post comments reg their doubts or requirements. Mostly Maldivian students are using…

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